TMZ Under Fire

Kobe and his daughter, Giana Bryant, along with seven other people, were in a devastating helicopter crash back on January 26. Pop Smoke was also recently murdered on February 19, 2020. Officials say it was a planned robbery and homicide. Officials are still trying to track down the murderer, and because of false testimonies, his case has been put to a halt for now.

TMZ was the source of all this devastating news. They let these stories go before the families were even notified of their deaths. 

I walked around the school interviewing people about this topic. I asked people how they would feel if someone they were close to passed away and they found out over social media. The students said things like they would be so upset if they heard their family members passed away over social media. Also, people said they should be sued for not giving the police time to go to the families’ houses and tell the families about what happened. 

The person who runs TMZ is a former lawyer, which makes it easier for him to avoid all legal actions when it comes to reporting news on celebrities. Even though what he did was not illegal, it was not right for him to put out sensitive information without the family knowing about it first. Social media has also noticed this, but the Internet is going with, “He announces black people’s deaths way quicker than he does with white people,” and users are taking offense to it. 

As journalists, we should know what is unethical, and what he has been doing with people’s business without informing the families is crossing those lines. How would he feel if the roles were reversed? 

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