Nashville Tornadoes Kill 25, Destroy Parts of the City

Last week, in Nashville, Tennessee, after a big and powerful tornado hit this city of Middle Tennessee and 25 people are dead, including 5 children under the age of 13.

The tornadoes damaged and destroyed homes, businesses, schools, and churches across four counties. Tens of thousands of people and businesses remained without power Wednesday, March 4. In Putnam County, at least 18 people died and 88 were injured, two of whom were flown out in a two-mile stretch west of Cookeville, and another three are still missing. 

Because of this tragedy, some people have been making campaigns to get money for all of those houses, schools, and a lot more buildings that have been destroyed. The drummer and singer Dierks Bently is one of the people that suffered from this and he is devastated. 

At this moment, Nashville is recovering from this deadly tornado. There were 116 railroads closed and now 76 have opened. They have also restored 57 traffic signals out of 87 that need to be repaired, and 162 stop signals have been replaced, and 40 are waiting to be repaired.

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