Miss Cleveland 2020

On February 28, the 2020 Miss Cleveland pageant was held. The Miss Cleveland pageant is a competition between multiple high school girls in different categories, such as casual wear, talent, and evening wear. Casual wear is the competition of who wore the best casual wear outfit. Talent judges who displayed the most interesting talent the best, and Evening Gown is who wore the best evening dress.

The 2020 pageant had 11 contestants: Alina-Maria Vega, Mattie Callahan, Anna Davis, Meyah Watson, Amber Reynolds, Hayden Hill, Madison Sealey, Chloe’ Massey, Charlie Buss, Taylor Rogers, and Crystal Roberston. While other awards were given out to some of the contestants, such as the Community Service award that Hayden Hill received, or Charlie Buss receiving the Miss Congeniality award, Crystal Robertson was crowned Miss Cleveland 2020.

Miss Cleveland will go around to other schools representing CvHS by performing in different activities or reading to younger kids. The titles and awards will remain until the 2021 competition next year.


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