Cleveland Hosts Second Annual Cleveland Chooses

On Valentine’s Day, Cleveland High School hosted its second annual Cleveland Chooses event. 

Cleveland Chooses provides a unique opportunity to engage students in a different, real, and meaningful way based on shared interests between the students, faculty, and staff. The courses last about two hours and teaches relevant things that matter in student lives that teachers may not have a chance to teach within the regular curriculum. 

Teachers will offer specialized classes in the teacher area of interest, and students will select the classes in their areas of interest to attend. ”Cleveland Chooses courses will allow you to have fun and be with friends while learning important life skills and relevant things that matter in student lives,” said Cody West, junior at Cleveland High School. Classes range from testing help like ACT Math Prep to fun activities like Escape Rooms.

Cleveland High School wants this to be an interactive time to give students a break from school work and get them involved in activities throughout the school. ”I plan on keeping my students engaged by having it all hands-on and letting them eat what they make afterward,” English teacher Jeremy Shaner, who is teaching a course on charcoal grilling, said.

The students will get a fun learning experience and form close relationships with other students and teachers. This gives students an opportunity to engage and find their interests with other students.

Overall Cleveland Chooses is a fun experience for students that will also teach them valuable things that they can use later in life.  








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