Women Coaching in the NFL

Just recently, history was made with the first African American female coach, Jennifer King, being added into the NFL and to the Washington Redskins coaching staff. With only a couple of female coaches in the NFL and the first one being added only five years ago, becoming the first African American female coach in the NFL is even more surprising. Should females be coaches in the NFL remains to be the question?

There is no problem with female coaching in the NFL. The only thing keeping them out is the stereotype of women being in the NFL. It never really has been supported for them to play, but no one has really thought of them being coaches. There are only a couple of full-time female NFL coaches in the league today. 

There are lots of places for females to coach in other places if they do not get into the NFL. Women could coach in the XFL that has started again recently. They can coach on college teams, or at the lowest level, they could coach high school teams. Coaching for a college team would be a good place to start and to learn how to coach. Starting in the NFL would be very difficult for anyone because people who have started in college and already know what they are doing often struggle in the professional game. 

The prospect of female coaching in the NFL would be accepted simply because there is no good reason for them not to be coaches in the league. This would also probably be a good thing for the league and break many barriers for women.

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