The Coronavirus’ Rapid Spread Across The World

Since the coronavirus has blown up in the last few weeks, it has been scientifically named ‘The Covid-19’. In just a few weeks, the death toll has exceeded 1,000. Mainly straining from China, the number of reported infected has reached over 500,000.

Royal Caribbean canceled two trips departing from Singapore on February 14 and February 15 due to “current regional travel conditions.” Guests who were booked for the trip received full refunds. 195 Chinese evacuees were released from quarantine in California.

The coronavirus is a deadly virus, but it is mostly targeting elderly people or people with health issues. People with these problems are more likely to get the virus, while people who are healthy have a low chance of getting the virus.

North Carolina has been in the news about the coronavirus being in this state. Luckily, the people were isolated as soon as they were told they had the virus and nobody else has been affected. California is the main state in the U.S that has been very much affected by the virus. Doctors say that the spread of the virus is slow but could become dangerous if not isolated quickly.

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