Final Exam Stress

The high school exams start December 16, and students are stressing out over their finals. The exams are typically 20% of the final grade for most classes, so they tend to cause stress and anxiety. 

A lot of students are scrambling during the last few weeks of the first semester to get their grade as high as possible going into the final exams. This is a good strategy for students because if they receive a bad score on the final exam, then their overall grade could still be an “A” or “B.” However, final exams usually do a play a big role in determining the overall grade for the class. 

Kolby Reddy, a sophomore, said, “Final exams are important because if you don’t get a good score, then your GPA will go down causing you to not have good options out of high school.” 

Since the exams are so important, they often cause stress and anxiety.  The best way to decrease stress over the exams is to prepare. Casey Ryan, a sophomore, explained how he best prepares to lower his anxiety.  He said, “I really try to pay attention during the review sessions and I ask a lot of questions.”

Besides preparing for the exam, some other ways to decrease stress and anxiety by sleeping well before your exams and eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. Before the week of exams, you should go to a lot of tutorials and study every night. 

All Cleveland high school students should go into the exams with confidence. 

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