Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

After only two weeks after its launch, the Popeyes’ chicken sandwich sold out. For the year through July, 2.3 million chicken sandwiches were ordered according to The NPD group. Many people rushed to the restaurant to get the sandwich, but when it was sold out some people grew violent over it.

Now customers are fighting over which is better, the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich or the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. The tension first started when the two restaurants got into a twitter fight in August, turning Popeyes’ menu item into a national icon, making fast-food customers to pick which they like more. This then turned into the Chicken Sandwich War. 

The sandwich then got more popular and people resorted to violence, including a stabbing in Maryland, just try the sandwich. The lines were long, and employees of Popeye’s were working as much as 60-hour weeks to get customers’ orders. The sandwich is now a permanent menu item. Aalana Autry (12) tried the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, and she said, “It was not that good, honestly. It was ordinary and was not better than Chick-fil-a.” 

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