ESports: The New High School Team Sport

ESports, or electronic sports, are competitively played video games. Usually, those who play these types of games are proficient in skill at their game of choice. Although anyone can play these games, to qualify for “Esports” a player has to join one of many teams that compete at live events. For games such as Rainbow Six Siege, teams like G2 and Empire would compete at events called “Invitationals,” where many teams face off against each other to be crowned World Champion. 

There is a growing belief that Esports would be a valid field of sporting in high schools. Although physical sports such as football and soccer have been the most popular among schools, Esports could bring a whole new front to the competitive scene. Some kids prefer not to do physical sports, either because they are not interested, they have a fear of injury, or are simply not fit for them.

An Esports program could get these kids involved with something they would enjoy. PlayVS is a program that has gotten ⅔ of highschools in America involved in Esports. From games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and even Rainbow Six Siege in high schools could allow for not only fun for the players involved, but also new ways for schools and kids alike to make money and earn a name for themselves.  According to PlayVS, Esports costs $64 per player while traditional sports average $693 per student per sport per year. This is a dramatic cost difference.

Virginia is the latest state to greenlight Esports teams in their highschools. Who knows how many others will follow? Kids can get scholarships from these programs, and with technology being the forefront of today’s world, that scholarship can be better than its basketball counterpart.

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