The New Carpool Pattern

A new plan arrives to Cleveland— a plan to completely change carpool in the mornings. After some problems getting the large and congested line of cars through the school, the staff came up with a new, completely different way of working cars in and out of the school. 


This new layout has cars go through the road entrance by the tennis courts, make a right and go through the bus parking area, and curve around to be dropped off at the gym. This makes the carpool system much different than it was before, and it draws a lot of opinions and thoughts over the changes. 


Assistant principal Mr. Shawn Bates views this new program as the start of a success, citing a recorded 5 minute change in carpool ending time (7:23 to 7:18). The new changes are the result of traffic concerns and complaints, carpool efficiency, and safety for drivers and riders. He believes that “everything that is new does take time to get used to.” Bates believes that the main thing that will slow down this new system will be how slow students file out of their cars, as it takes students too long to get their belongings and head into the school. 


On the other hand, students see the carpool changes differently. One carpool student spoke of the change, “This new system… made the traffic backup worse. We have tried this exact traffic pattern in the past and it did not work, which is why it was replaced.” To add on that comment, a daily car driver who goes through the new carpool line said that “it seems to relocate the traffic away from students walking into the building from parking lot which is great for student safety, but now you have students exiting cars from the right side of vehicles which is where outgoing traffic/buses are traveling and there is much less of a space buffer than there was prior which puts kids safety in jeopardy as well.” Opinions on this new system are mixed, and it will be interesting to see the future of the new carpool system we have here at Cleveland High.

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