JoCo Works Introduces Jobs to Students

On Thursday the 14, Johnston Community College hosted a career exposition for Johnston County high school students and eighth graders. JoCo Works helps prepare students to enter the workforce and get college degrees. It showcased jobs in agriculture, biotechnology, construction, health care, hospitality, tourism, retail, information technology, manufacturing, transportation, public works and safety. 

Thousands of students and over 70 companies attended the learning experience. Students could go to booths and see the equipment workers use. They could also learn what qualifications they need and what the average worker’s salary would be in that field. Students were told what classes high schools had that would help them meet the education requirements. 

The career expo was helpful to students who were looking for a job they would like. They left the booths educated on career paths, both expert and entry level. All in all, thousands of visitors showed up and learned something new. 

A video about JoCo Works from Johnston County Public Schools can be seen here:

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