Problems with Early Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is on December 25 every year, but people often wonder is it ever too early to celebrate and decorate for Christmas? The answer is yes.

If a person has decorations up right after Halloween then he or she needs need to calm down. This is a controversial topic but it has to be said…Thanksgiving is still a holiday and needs more appreciation! We can not just celebrate Halloween and then jump straight to Christmas. 

Thanksgiving is an epic holiday that people can decorate for as well with turkeys and cornucopias and just fall themes. After that, Christmas is fair game. 

As much as I love Christmas and winter in general, the music needs to be taken down a notch. Not every person wants to hear Mariah Carey singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on the way to Black Friday shopping on every station. Some people might enjoy the festivities and the decorations, but I think that it should wait until at least after Thanksgiving so people can appreciate that holiday. Thanksgiving is an important part of American history. It represents the first harvest with around 90 Native Americans and 50 pilgrims having a feast together in peace.

The music should also be limited as well. Maybe a station dedicated to Holiday songs instead of all of our favorite radio stations getting interrupted with Christmas music. Not everyone wants to make playlists or use their phones for music when it is available to them every other month of the year. 

The parades are very fun for the kids and even the adults. The timing is good and everything. They can walk around and see all of the people dressed up and see the decorations, but we do not need eight parades that are the same exact thing just for NC. Perhaps one in every region is enough, or they could be switched up. 

How soon do you start celebrating Christmas?

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