Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. Christmas is not the only holiday during the month of December, but it is among the most celebrated holidays in America.  

When do you start celebrating Christmas?

Do you start after Thanksgiving or when December starts?  

Most stores start selling Christmas items early October and Christmas songs start taking over the radio right after Halloween. Most people, when celebrating Christmas, think of having fun with friends and family, yet some people think of Christmas as an over expensive holiday that stores use to take all their money. 

If Christmas makes you excited and happy then go ahead and hang up those Christmas lights and your Christmas tree. It is your house anyway! 

Some students at Cleveland High have said that they start decorating after Thanksgiving. Most communities like to celebrate with parades and festive activities for families to take their kids and see friends. Generally, whole towns like to get into the Christmas spirit right after Halloween, but most people think that is too early. 

There are also some people who do not celebrate Thanksgiving either because they do not believe in it, or their religion does not allow them to participate. Also, not everyone celebrates Christmas. There are people that celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Passover, so not everyone enjoys the Christmas spirit, but there sure are people who do.

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