The N.C. State Fair

In North Carolina in the month of October, the State Fair is in Raleigh at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. The fair is a time to have fun, and people all over North Carolina come to the fair to have fun, eat, ride the rides and much more.

The fair is fun and all, but there is some history behind the State Fair that makes the fair what it is today. In 1853 the State Agricultural Society held the first State Fair in the NC, which lasted for four days, and the largest attendance was 4,000 people. From 1861-1868 it was closed down due to the Civil War and Reconstruction period, then it reopened in 1869. In 1873 it was moved to a larger site across from N.C. State University. One million free tickets were provided to NC school children in 1946 on Young North Carolinians’ Day.

A waterfall was built near Dorton Arena in 1999. In 2008, an eleventh day was added to the fair for first time in 22 years. Last year, attendance was high despite two hurricanes and closing on opening day for the first time in the State Fair’s existence. In response, State Fair Cares was launched. This project raised money for the victims of Hurricanes Florence and Micheal. With other events that have happened within the fair and its existence, there have been a lot of changes, and the fair is still changing to this day, finding ways to satisfy everyone.

Students at Cleveland have gone to the fair and shared their experiencea. Kailey Wurr, a Cleveland student said, “I rode two rides at the fair, and I had funnel cake, lemonade, cotton candy, and a candy apple.” Another student said, “Well, I didn’t have fun because I worked at the fair at a place called “Carry’s Inn,” so I was bored.”

At the fair, the crowds are there as well. Wurr said, “The fair was kind of busy, but once I left it started to get more packed, I went in the evening, but I guess people like to see the light like the Ferris wheel and other lit up things.” Each year could bring more or less attractions. A Cleveland student said, “There were more food trucks and stands. Like, some more local restaurants were there this year.”

The North Carolina State Fair ended Sunday, October 27, and people are looking forward to the fair for next year so they can eat more, ride more rides, and maybe get a good deal on a candy apple or a turkey leg.

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