Cleveland Hosts Homecoming Dance

This past Friday, Cleveland High School hosted its first homecoming dance in years. The Executive and Sophomore Student Councils worked for weeks to create a successful event. Students seemed to have a blast with some just going because of friends and others going to have fun and even find out the homecoming court. 

The reason homecoming dance was even a thought was because of the students’ persistence and it paid off. “Wanting to give the students what they were asking for and making a fun project for student council” was the main reason for the event, Jeremy Shaner, Sophomore Student Council Adviser said. One of the main goals was “giving underclassmen something fun to do.”

The theme will change yearly (if the dance is a yearly occurrence), but this year was themed fall. The students in Executive and Sophomore Student Council paid out of pocket to decorate the gym and make it look like a fall wonderland. Out of the five homecoming dances Cleveland has done, this one has had the most people to attend with over 370 people buying tickets. 

At the dance, the 2019 Homecoming Court was announced, which included the following students: Freshmen: Harrison Griffs, Mason Porter and Audrey Tart for the girls, and Robbie Albaugh, Ryan Klimp and Brady Tompson for the guys. Sophomores: Emma Bain, Crystal Robertson and Kennadi Rosario for the girls, and Lenix Martinez, Dillon Pardue, and Kyzaiah Stone for the guys. Juniors: Charlie Bus, Ashlyn Faulkner and Jessica Harker for the guys, and James Gartin, Gustavo Rivera and Dylan Stone for the guys . Seniors: Eve Fulton, Chole Holland, Grace Kane, Leila Serrano, and Abby Stancil for girls, and Jahcari Chetfield-Mack, Sam Holder, Thomas Luter, Connor Stanley and Matthew Toomey for the guys.

At Friday’s Homecoming game, the winners were crowned. Robbie Albaugh and Harrison Griffs were freshmen prince and princess; Dillon Pardue and Crystal Robertson were sophomore prince and princess; James Gartin and Charlie Buss were junior prince and princess; Thomas Luter and Eve Fulton were Senior prince and princess; and last but not least, Cleveland’s Homecoming King and Queen are Matthew Toomey and Abby Stancil.

The Student Council plans to continue the homecoming dance in the coming years.

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