Homecoming Court

Homecoming in high school is a big deal. There is the dance, the daily activities, powderpuff, and the big home game at the end of the week. Another highly anticipated homecoming activity is the court. 

The students and staff at Cleveland High School have been talking about homecoming court for weeks. Students have been posting on social media with the hopes of getting voted in. The lucky few from each grade get announced at the homecoming dance and get to ride in a float during the homecoming parade. 

The homecoming court consists of three girls and three boys from each grade who compete for votes in hopes of being crowned homecoming prince and princess. The senior court, however, consists of five girls and five boys competing for the title of Homecoming King and Queen. The students who run for homecoming court are competing for bragging rights and a title. The princes for ninth, tenth and eleventh grades are announced at the game day pep rally, along with the twelfth-grade king. The princesses for ninth, tenth and eleventh grades, along with the twelfth grade queen, are announced at the big home game during half time. 

Crystal Robertson (10) won Homecoming princess. Photo by Brett Lampley

The Cleveland High School 2019-2020 homecoming court are (winners are bold):


Harrison Griffis, Mason Porter, Audrey Tart, Robbie Ablaugh, Ryan Klimp, Brady Thompson


Emma Bain, Crystal Robertson, Kennadi Rosario, Lenix Martinez, Dillon Pardue, and Kyzaiah Stone


Charlie Buss, Ashlyn Faulkner, Jessica Harker, James Gartin, Gustavo Rivera, and Dylan Stone 


Eve Fulton, Chloe Holland, Grace Kane, Leila Serrano Abby Stancil, Jahcari Chetfield-Mack, Sam Holder, Thomas Luter, Connor Stanley, and Matthew Toomey.

King and Queen

Matthew Toomey and Abby Stancil


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