Mario Kart Becomes the New Hot App, but For How Long?

“Mario Kart Tour” is the new game sweeping through the school. It seems as if the entire school is playing this game.

Ricardo Pena (11) is one of the students who is on the higher end of time played per day, saying he often plays for more than two hours a day.  Although many people see the game as a fun time waster, will this game really live up to expectations, or will it die out like other once-popular apps? Many students believe it will die out soon, including Jay Ricapito (10), who said, “I only think the game will last for a couple more weeks. Nobody is going to want to play the game if they have to pay for it.”

The game is modeled after any other Mario Kart game, with a few simple changes. Instead of three laps, there are now only two. Additionally, players can now collect more than 10 coins per race, with no limit on the amount of coins they can acquire.

The game has also added several features never before seen in Mario Kart. New power-ups are in the game, such as a giant mushroom that temporarily increases your size. Also, each kart customization has a special ability that helps players during the race. Each character has the chance to roll a special power-up out of a mystery box. The big differences include the courses. Each character and kart customization has a point value that helps players earn points that go to a final score for each course. Each in game action completed helps players earn these points, such as hitting a character with an item. Characters and kart customizations also earn special benefits by using them on certain courses. Characters can get two or three items per mystery box on certain courses, and if they get the same three items in one box, it activates the new frenzy mode. This allows players to use several copies of the same item, as well as giving players temporary invulnerability. Kart customizations also get boosted on certain courses, giving players point multipliers. 

The game has also promised future updates, which is a major part of the game for some students, including Jeremiah Escarcega (12). Escarcega says his favorite part of the game is the new updates and courses. A highly anticipated update for many people is the multiplayer mode promised by Nintendo. Mckinley Strickland (9) says her friends are very competitive and like to have competitions in the game on several occasions. Multiplayer mode also brings back the childhood nostalgia of many people playing with friends on the Wii or DS.

How long the game stays relevant is unpredictable, but most students can agree that this game has caught everyone’s attention. Although newly released, many people are already completing all the courses the game has to offer. This leaves many people in anticipation of the next update, overall showing how Nintendo has captivated us all with a new breakthrough in mobile gaming.

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