What is Yearbook Doing?

Even this early in the year Cleveland’s yearbook staff is already at work. The goal for this year is to make the yearbook better than last year’s.

“A lot of time and patience goes into making the yearbook since everything has to be perfect,” Alexis Elliot (11) said. The yearbook staff has gone to sporting events, taken pictures at club meetings, helped out with senior make-up pictures and more. Much more goes into the yearbook than people think and lots of the school is involved. Students tend to overlook captions and business ads even though a lot of work goes into it. “Yearbook is involved in everything around the school,” Aislinn Hutton said. From interviews to polls, the students and teachers at Cleveland play a big part in the yearbook. 

Money also goes into making the yearbook, and the staff goes out to sell ads. The business ads must be sold by the staff to local businesses. Yearbook is not just fun and games; this is serious, and if work is not done, then the yearbook likely will not be good. “I didn’t think yearbook was going to be this stressful, but it is rewarding,” Regan Mayall said. Being on the yearbook staff carries with it a lot of responsibility and work. 

Yearbook is a fun class, but at times can be demanding. “A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making the yearbook, even out of class,” John Bird (11) said. Yearbook adviser Cristi Johnson said, “Students probably average seven hours per week” working on the yearbook. Yearbook is a time to focus on the school and making the Cleveland High School Yearbook memorable. 

Yearbooks are available for purchase through the end of March at http://www.yearbookordercenter.com. Use code 10676.

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