2023: The New Class

Monday, September 9, the Freshmen at Cleveland High School are hanging up posters and handing out flyers asking for votes. Students are coming up with funny and interesting slogans to get the attention from people for votes. Students who are running are all in for the competition and are determined to get the most votes to make the members of the Class of 2023’s Student Council.  

Melissa Pearce, the head coordinator of the Student Council says, “The freshmen who run face a unique challenge because sophomores, juniors, and seniors are already in place from past years, so the freshmen need to come up with ways to really get out there.”

The Student Council does all kinds of planning during the summer, meeting for two days for six to eight hours each, to plan out how the year is going to look. Student Council Normally, 15-20 freshmen turn in their interest forms to run each year. 

Votes are in and we now have Cleveland High Schools freshman representatives for the Class of 2023. Mckinley Strickland is the President. Marissa Colbert has been elected as Vice President. The freshman Communications Officer is Kailey Saldana. The Events Coordinator is Bailey Jordan, and Emma Smith is the Historian.

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