Vaping Illness Caused by Vitamin E Chemical

Recent studies have shown the link between vaping and life-threatening lung illnesses. The cause is identified as shockingly high levels of the chemical, vitamin E acetate, a chemical in nearly all cannabis-containing vaping products that were analyzed, New York health officials said.

The vitamin E acetate is now “a key focus” to the New York Department investigation to this illness. The vitamin E acetate is usually in candy-flavored vapes. Vitamin E acetate, commonly used as a nutritional supplement, was not proven to be addictive for the New York Medical Marijuana Program. This was not seen as a nicotine-based product that was tested, according to the department. Vitamin E acetate is not known to cause any type of harm when ingested as a vitamin supplement or applied to the skin, but the health department is continuing the health investigation and the health effects. When inhaled, the effects are harmful because its oil-like properties could be associated with the symptoms of the lung illness cases.

The New York State Health Department received 34 cases of severe pulmonary illness among patients, from ages 15-46. All of the patients have used at least one cannabis-containing product before they even became ill, and all of the patients have stated that they have recently used various vape products.

Dr.Sharon Levy, the director at Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital said there are many unknowns to what in vaping liquids could be affecting people. ”I hope that people realize that they are not benign products that are sometimes advertised to be,” Levy said.

On August 27, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that there were least 215 possible cases in 25 states of the severe lung cancer that could be caused by vaping. So far there have been two deaths, one in Illinois and the other in Oregon, from a severe respiratory illness that could be from vaping.

Cleveland student David Ray said,“ I knew about this and the recent studies and found out through CNN News.”  Teens across the nation are also knowing the possible damages from using vapes even if used just once. The National Institutes of Health is rising steadily among young users, with 37.3% of seniors and 10.9% of eighth graders admitting to using vape products in the past year.

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