Seniors Think About Life After High School

At Cleveland High School, the 2018-2019 seniors are about to begin their final quarter of high school. The last day of school is May 31, 45 school days from now. Four years can seem like a short time, but it is a long enough time to get used to being at the same place and around the same people. It can be stressful and even scary to leave a place one has been for four years. Some seniors have not been at the same school for all four years, but the idea of going from high school to college has an effect on several of them.

Seniors who are starting their last quarter of high school feel various emotions. Savannah Dalton (12) a senior said, “I am excited but nervous, like a good nervous.” Another senior, Michelle Slavik, said, “It’s bitter sweet. I am scared, but really excited.” Most seniors have mixed feelings about starting the last quarter of high school, most being excited to graduate, but also scared for the coming changes.

The end of the school year is coming quickly. So what have the seniors done to get ready for college? Most seniors have been accepted to college or have applied to college. Some seniors have even applied for scholarships or have received scholarships for sports or contributing to the school or community. There are also some seniors who have chosen to take college classes in high school so they can get a head start in their college education.

Many seniors plan to go to college right after high school. Enfiniti Jones (12) said, “After high school, I am going straight to college.” Savannah Dalton said, “ I have applied for an ambassadorship at JCC, and then I plan to transfer to Appalachian State University.” There are also seniors who do not want to go to college right after they graduate. Some of them want to take a year to save money for college or go straight right into the workforce. Some seniors also choose to go into the military right out of high school.

Overall, seniors starting their last quarter of high school are affected in different ways. No matter if they have been at Cleveland High School for all four years or for a half of a year, graduating brings with it a wide range of emotions.


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