Cleveland Offers Students Career Advice

National nonprofit YouthTruth finds that US high school students feel like they’re not prepared for college after high school, and less prepared for their future careers, and that they do not take the advantage of their sources at their school to prepare them for college and their careers. At Cleveland High School, Career Development Coordinator (CDC) Mary Hunter Waller, is taking steps to ensure that students are being prepared for life after high school.

As CDC, Waller feels that it is important to listen to each student at Cleveland High School to understand what is best for his or her future. “The goal of career coaching is to help you navigate the decisions you need to make now, as well provide you with knowledge and skills you need to make future decisions” Waller said.

Since students best college or career fit is determined by the students academic, social and financial need, Waller believes that it is best for any student to speak with their CDC and counselor about his or her goal. “I encourage all students to research colleges they are interested in attending. It is important to make certain that the college you are considering offers classes that interest you. You don’t have to immediately decide upon a major but you need to ensure there are appealing options available to you. Each college has its own unique culture. It is important to visit as many colleges that interest you as possible. You will gain valuable insight by touring not only the campus but also the community that surrounds it. Ultimately, you will have to decide if the school and community environment are good fit for you” Waller said.

With so many students unprepared for work and college, Cleveland is offering opportunity for assistance through Ms. Waller and student services. Ms. Waller can be found at More information can be found at:

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