Key Club Helps Military and Miracle League

The Cleveland High School Key Club is collecting items for a Military Drive. The items collected are being sent to U.S. Army troops. Some of the things people can donate are card games, hygienic products, chap stick, jerky or Slim Jims and gum, among other things.

The number of items donated will determine where the items go, but all of the items will be sent to a troop deployed from North Carolina. Data has been recorded on who needs what items and what necessities or luxuries they have access to, so they will be sent accordingly.

This drive is an amazing way to get involved in the community and give back to the people who give for us everyday. Anyone interested in helping should donate all items to Ms. Cooper’s room (701) by Monday, March 4.

The Key Club is also helping out with the Miracle League. This is a league that gives kids with special needs the opportunity to play baseball. Members of the Key Club have volunteered to help them, which includes helping the kids get from base to base, swing the bat and other things the kids may need assistance with. One member of Key Club said it is amazing to be able to help and watch the kids be so ecstatic. It has also been said that most of the parents are very supportive and appreciate the help they are being given. This is proof that something that can seem so small to one person, can have a huge positive impact on another.

For more information about the Key Club or how to get involved, go to their website: (, or checkout their twitter (@CvHsKey_Club).

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