Mackenzie Blanchard Wins IGNITE Student Innovator Grant

Mackenzie Blanchard, a student at Cleveland High School, won the IGNITE Student Innovator grant. A grant is an amount of money that is given to an individual or an organization that can help them to complete a project that will benefit the community, and the IGNITE Student Innovator grant is a $500 grant awarded by JCPS to student innovators.

Blanchard wrote the grant for building a chicken coop behind the school to benefit the agricultural education program and the FFA. She had to answer questions on how the coop would benefit both the school and the community. Blanchard learned about this opportunity when the counselor and Cleveland Women’s Soccer coach, Mr. Ken Sweat, sent out emails about the grant opportunity. Blanchard had to explain how this grant would be completed and how it would help further the program at Cleveland.

Cleveland Agriculture teacher and FFA Adviser Mr. Brett Capps said, “The chicken coop will allow the us to learn with a more hands on approach. Also, the FFA are able to use to the coop to prepare for the poultry science CDE. The agriculture mechanic class and the animal science class will be able to learn about the chickens and the eggs.”

“It is a great grant, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to fill out and receive this grant,” said Blanchard.

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