FAFSA Day on October 27

Saturday, October 27, is Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Day, meant to help students who need financial help. It allows them to apply for federal student aid, like grants and loans.

On FAFSA Day, financial aid specialists will be available at certain locations to help students complete and submit the FAFSA forms. The event lasts from 9:00am to noon. There are over 35 FAFSA Day locations, such as Appalachian State University and East Carolina University. The deadline to register to go to these places is October 26.

Students can apply to up to ten schools using the FAFSA forms, and the order does not matter (in North Carolina, at least) as long as they are eligible for FAFSA.

Students can start applying for FAFSA on October 1, and it is suggested to submit it as soon as possible after that date because deadlines vary from college to college.

In order to apply, general requirements are having a Social Security Number, being enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program, and not owing money, among others.

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