iPhone 7 Could Lead to More Student Distractions

The iPhone 7 adds features that will likely distract you from the learning experience. The phone was made available for order on September 7,2016, and many people stood in long lines to purchase the latest version of the iPhone.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 has longer battery life, a better camera, and protection against water. According to Todd Hixon at Forbes magazine, the company CivicScience.com that collects data on who buys phones, people who are view themselves as addicted to digital services – apps and programs specifically designed for the iPhone – are 70% likely to own the iPhone rather than an Android device. It seems that the iPhone users love their apps and programs. This idea, coupled with new features, are sure to get students more easily get distracted.

Shockingly, the iPhone has a 3D touch screen, a brighter and  more colorful screen, and a 12mp camera that is believed to be one of the best ever put on a phone; therefore, students will likely be leave their classes to go take pictures in the bathroom with the improved camera. In addition, the camera may be a distraction with pictures taken in class since users would not have to worry about better lighting for snapchat pictures and candid photos.

Perhaps the most controversial decision Apple made in its redesign of the iPhone was the removal of the headphone jack. The headphone Jack takes up a lot of space, and it is difficult to waterproof.  To account for the change, Apple is releasing wireless headphones for the iPhone 7 called air pods. The air pods are much like apple earpods, except they are completely wireless and connect via bluetooth. Such a product is sure to be a temptation for students in school.

“It would be the headphones cause it could be easily hidden,”said Cleveland student Shelby Sokol when asked which feature would be most tempting .

The added, improved features are not without increased cost. According to Apple, the Airpods will cost $159.00 compared with the $29.00 price tag on wired earbuds. The increased price tag will be something for users to consider before making the iPhone 7 purchase.

“No. They could be stolen or lost,” says Cleveland student Allison Shinn when asked whether the cost of the phone and accessories is worth the money.

Students may not realize it, but some companies make their phones in a way that makes the devices a major distraction to adults and students alike. It will be mostly hard on teachers who have to put up with students not paying attention, earning failing grades, and not participating in class or during group work.


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