NFL: Best and Worst of Week One

CLEVELAND–The NFL is full of twists, turns, and anything but the expected. Week one of this year was no exception. There were plenty of games that shocked the nation, and now we have some absurd statistics. For instance: The Los Angeles Rams haven’t scored any points in 30 years! This is only due to the fact that they haven’t been the LA Rams for 30 years, and they didn’t score any in week one. So without further ado, here are the best teams in week one, followed by the worst.

  1. Ravens- This will come as a shock to many football fans out there, but in week one, the Ravens earned this spot because of Joe Flacco. The Ravens’ quarterback improvised at the line of scrimmage. The Bills’ defense was set up with no safeties backfield, so Flacco threw a 66 yard touchdown pass which proved to be game-winning.
  1. Steelers- There’s not much to say here. The Steelers played great. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown have great chemistry.
  1. Panthers- The Panthers lost their season opener to the Broncos. If you watch football, you know they also lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl early this year. However, the Panthers played an amazing game and lost on a missed field goal, showing they have the potential to beat the Broncos this year.
  1. Broncos- The Broncos earned this spot for a distinct reason. They used a first time starter at quarterback and won the game. This Broncos team is a lot less experienced than the Super Bowl champion Broncos, and they pulled off a win against the Panthers.
  1. Patriots- The Patriots beat a very good team in week one. The Arizona Cardinals were one of the best teams in the NFL last year. They beat the Cardinals without Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski. This shows they can find a way to beat anyone, no matter who’s in the lineup.

Those were the five best teams in the NFL week one. Here are the worst:

  1. Jets- The Jets lost to the Bengals in week one. Despite this, they had phenomenal statistics, but they were placed here because they lost a game they should’ve won.
  1. Falcons- The only thing I can really say about the Falcons is they didn’t have a strength. On offense, they converted on only one out of four trips to the red zone, and on defense they missed tackles and didn’t put pressure on Jameis Winston, the recipient of the Heisman trophy in 2013.
  1. Cowboys- The last seconds of the Cowboys’ season opener against the Giants was one of the only two things that put the Cowboys on this list. The Cowboys scored 1 touchdown in this game. They could’ve won the game, but the Cowboys’ wide receiver Terrence Williams failed to get out of bounds to stop the clock as the last few seconds of the game wound down. If Williams had stepped out of bounds, a field goal could’ve won the game for the Cowboys.
  1. Chargers- This game against the Chiefs looked promising for the Chargers. They started off strong against Kansas City. San Diego had a 21 point lead at halftime, but squandered the lead and lost the game in overtime.
  1. Rams- The Rams played the 49ers. The 49ers aren’t even a very good team. The outcome? The Rams lost 28-0.

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