Cleveland’s Gift from the Sky

The sudden increase of students this school year brought a mysterious gift with an unusual placement to Cleveland High. A mobile unit.

The courtyard was previously used for lunch and was a passageway from one of the school’s entrances to another. It gave students more room to eat and move around. This came to a halt around August 1, when a mobile unit was placed dead in the middle of the widespread area.

”We were told it dropped from the sky one day,” Annie Burge, the media coordinator, said.

Reason for the placement of the unit  in the courtyard was the certain restrictions as to where it can go related to the school and the parking lots, so its placement in the middle of the courtyard was the easiest answer.

“I knew it was coming due to forecasted growth for this year. I requested 4 more classrooms at the end of last year,” Kendrick Byrd, Cleveland’s principal, said. Which explains the mobile unit was not a complete surprise. School officials were aware it was coming, just not of its exact placement.

The amount of students at Cleveland High have increased by roughly 160 from last year, which is not a lot unless one considers Cleveland has an average of about 29 students per class, which is about 5 more classrooms needed to fit the upcoming students. It only made sense to put in new classrooms or more mobile units.

“I have to make sure it’s a safe and orderly environment, and with more kids, it makes it just a little more difficult,” said Byrd, addressing the problem of overcrowding.

In the coming years, Cleveland High’s student population is predicted to continue growing, which could cause more problems in the future, meaning there will likely be more mobile units.

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