Trends and Habits of Modern Teens

Stress: Between classes, work, and homework, teenagers have a lot on their plate. Throw in society’s cruel temptation, peer pressure, style, and having to keep up with what’s “cool” and what’s not, and you’ve reached the peak of anxiety mountain. Research shows that the anxiety level in teenagers in 2016 is the same as mental patients in the 1950s.

“I’m drowning in modules,” high school senior, Tess says.

Materialism and Cliques in High School: Materialism is at an all time high in today’s society with new and expensive products used as a symbol of popularity. Whether it be the newest iPhone or some item of jewelry, teens often feel that they need these products as an unofficial “badge” to be able to fit in with whatever crowd it is that they want to be a part of. And it’s not just what’s considered the “popular” group either. Even in the “emo/scene” or “plain jane” cliques, it’s normally required to be of the style of the group, or have the same views on things. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work out.

“Cliques aren’t as obvious as you think, though,” sophomore Connor Tyndall said. “Teenagers like to use their supposed ‘hatred’ of society to hide the fact that they themselves are models of today’s society.”

Even if it is simply just a large group of friends, if you think of the technicalities, it’s considered a  clique.

Social Media: The wave of Instagram posts and tweets is too massive to ignore. 95 percent of teens from ages 12-17 participate in the social media craze. The average teenager spends up to nine hours a day on their cell phone. However, interviewed students didn’t feel that this was so bad.

“Social media doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. It’s a way to connect with friends and strangers over funny videos and memes and stupid things that make you laugh. If I can spend that 95% of my time laughing then I’d rather do that than interact with people in real life that I don’t like.” senior Sydney Riggs said.

Netflix: Time to address the elephant in the room. What’s a story about teenagers without involving Netflix? Netflix shot up quick in the popularity department and then especially in the world of adolescents. Right behind that is the famous phrase, “Netflix and chill” used almost as a pickup line in most high school day-to-day activities. As silly as it sounds, it’s true.

Slang: YASSS: A form of enthusiastic agreement used by teens mainly on the Internet, but could be heard in everyday conversations.

Hype: A word to describe one’s excitement. Ex. “Yo, man I’m so hype for the football game!”

Mad: A slang word meaning “really” or “excessive”. “I had mad homework last night, dude.”

Lowkey/Highkey: Lowkey- a little bit. Highkey- a lot. “I’m lowkey jealous of that girl’s outfit,”

Lit: A word to describe something as cool, or crazy, or exciting.

Squad: Meaning a group of friends or a team.

Shade/Sketch: When something is odd, or seems untrustworthy. “This alleyway is highkey sketchy.”


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