Cheating in High School: The Meaning Behind Unethical Academic Behavior

Cheating in high school has been at an all time high during recent years. In 2015, Time Magazine featured an article that cited a whopping 82% of recent college alumni admitted they have cheated throughout their college career. With the reality of this statistic setting in, it is time to take a look at Cleveland High and its history of unethical behavior.

How exactly are students at Cleveland cheating, and what is the real reason behind it all? Some students had plenty to say about their own cheating experiences. A large majority of Cleveland students admit to have cheated on many occasions for reasons deeper than anyone would think.

“The curriculum in some classes is solely based on memorization, I’m very bad at memorizing,” says a fellow student.

This was a common response when asked why cheating had to be an option. The need for reform in the way subjects are required to teach can be a major reason in the motives of cheating. Every student is different when compared regarding learning styles. It can be hard for every student to completely understand a topic when all  are taught in the same way

Students are becoming much more competitive regarding grades and overall class ranking. With the fear of losing momentum in their academics, high schoolers feel the need to embark in unethical test-taking tactics in order to gain a high grade. Many students claimed that a majority of teachers are completely oblivious to the acts around them. With this increased crave for success and easy access to cheating strategies, students have more and more  motives,

“I don’t get caught so might as well keep doing it,” another student said.

An estimated 35% of college officials do not think that cheating is a serious issue. That does not compare to the 41% of common folk that believe it is not a problem. With cheating becoming a common issue, it is oftentimes not seen as a big deal.

It can be hard to bear knowing that students rely on the work of others to complete assignments. There is no denying that teens in high school are mainly focused on grades rather than an education. As of today, reform in the way classes are taught and students are evaluated is key toward lessening the prevalence of cheating.

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