Together for Harvest Time

CLAYTON–In downtown Clayton, there are so many events and activities for everyone to enjoy. There are things to do, from concerts to competitions to food and rides. It does not matter what age anyone is, everyone has something that they can do.

“ Getting to play pop music; music we don’t usually play at our concerts. Sometimes, we’ll play something that’s more jazz, but usually, it’s something that’s a little more current, that people will recognize when we play it,” says Mrs. Rebecca Mercer, Band Director at Clayton Middle School about her favorite part of the Clayton Harvest Festival.

Mrs. Mercer has been the band director for Clayton Middle School for a long time, and it is a tradition for her 8th grade band to perform at the Clayton Harvest Festival. She has been doing this event for 12-years. Her band would perform in the Town Square, although, she has performed in other places, such as Howard’s Mini Mart.

The Clayton Harvest Festival happens once a year, usually during the autumn. It is known to last for about 5-days. The festival shows the people that Clayton is a great city, and that it has a lot to offer. Also, it gives people fun memories. The festival itself is a great way to meet people, get good food, enjoy fun rides, and see all sorts of businesses trying to become successful.

According to WNCN, “ Area residents and organizations say the event is a good time for them to meet their neighbors and enjoy each other’s company.”

Other than food and rides, there are also concerts and competitions. The most well known singing competition is called “Clayton Idol.” If someone loves to sing, it is really worth trying out for it. Who knows, you could become the next Clayton Idol.

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce holds this event annually.

“ The mission of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce is to be the advocate for business, economic development, and education in Clayton, North Carolina and its surrounding communities,” says the Chamber of Commerce in response to their reasoning for holding the event.
For anyone who lives in or is new to Clayton, North Carolina, it is worth visiting the Clayton Harvest Festival.

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