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NCAA Basketball Allegations


In college basketball, several teams have been accused of breaking NCAA rules. Some of the major schools involved are Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan State, USC, Alabama, NC State and Arizona.

One of the biggest stories is the University of Arizona and coach Sean Miller. The FBI found reason to wiretap Sean MIller´s phone and found that he was discussing the payment of $100,000 to DeAndre Ayton for him to sign with the university. This is a major issue because the NCAA rules say that schools are not allowed to recruit a player by giving them money, cars, houses, or any other benefit. This led to a huge decision from Shareef O´Neal, who is the son of Shaquille O´Neal, to decommit from the University of Arizona and instead commit to the University of California at Los Angeles.

Another major violation comes from North Carolina State University with the payment of $73,500 in loans to Dennis Smith, Jr., who is now a professional basketball player in the NBA. Again, this violates the rules of recruiting a player to go to a university with money. Many reporters have asked the players, coaches and athletic directors if they knew about the allegations. All of the players, coaches and athletic directors said they had no prior knowledge of the allegations against Dennis Smith, Jr. but would cooperate with any investigations the NCAA has on the university.

Several others schools have allegedly given money to players, and the NCAA is investigating over 20 schools for payments to players. The NCAA has said that the teams’ rule breaking have gone out of control. Many schools will face punishments for this, possibly including not being allowed to play in the NCAA Tournament. Other punishments include what happened to Louisville with several wins being taken away and their 2013 NCAA Championship being stripped from them. This is a developing story, and the NCAA has yet to deal out punishments to these universities.

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NCAA Basketball Allegations