Astros Win World Series

The Astros have done what no other team in their franchise has ever done: win the World Series. Out of their 55 years of being around, they have finally won a World Series title.

This World Series went the full seven games. No one thought that the series would go this long, and the outcome was largely unexpected. The Dodgers were favored because of their 104-58 regular season record.

All of the games in the series were close in scores. Game five was the closest with a score of 13-12, with the Astros winning. The game went 10 innings, and Alex Bregman, infielder, got a hit and brought in a run to put his team on top.

Baseball fans are still shocked at the outcome of the 2017 World Series. Some fans think it is well deserved because the Astros have never won a World Series, but Dodgers fans are upset due to the fact that they have gone 29 years without a championship. 


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