What’s the Fate of Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands?

The damage in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria is catastrophic

The damage in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria is catastrophic

Megan Peedin, Staff Writer

Will the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico survive and try to come back together, or will they fall apart and disappear into the ocean?

The American territories were hit last week by a hurricane between a Category 4 and Category 5. Hurricane Maria slammed into the Caribbean Islands less than a month after Irma hit. Maria had winds as high as 155 mph and heavy rainfall for several days. The two U.S territories took hard blows both mentally and physically.

Hurricane Maria slammed into the U.S Virgin Islands 14 days after Irma had destroyed much of them just days before. The islands are currently in a state of despair, as over a quarter of the islands suffered complete damage, and most buildings will either be repaired or torn down and rebuilt. The U.S Virgin Islands depends on its neighbor, Puerto Rico, who is in the same situation as them. Both the economy and government are on the verge of collapsing.

Puerto Rico is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis due to the destruction caused by flooding and winds from Maria. The territory was in the middle of debt crisis that caused them to declare bankruptcy in May. All of the island is currently without electricity, and they have little cellular service. Resources such as food, water, and even actual paper money are scarce. Lines of people are trying to leave the island either by flights to the U.S or taking a boat.

The United States Government and different agencies have been working to aid the islands. Government agencies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States military, among others. Many non-profit organizations will help the Caribbean in the coming months. U.S President Donald Trump is expected to travel to Puerto Rico and possibly the U.S Virgin Islands on Tuesday to survey the damage caused by the storm.