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Tensions Tighten between the US and North Korea

A ballistic missile being paraded through North Korea.

Seoul – Back in 2016, Koreans in Asia conducted missile tests to “prove their mettle” to other countries around the world. According to sources, close to 21 missiles have been launched by Korea within the past year.

The US responded with its own missile tests. In a situation similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960’s, the US and North Korea have been at odds with missiles and other dangerous weapons, including nuclear warheads.

According to other sources, “The US and Korea are key to peace – Not China,” meaning that soon, the US and Korea must become friendly again, or it could spell trouble.

Every day the situation deteriorates – just a week and a half ago on the August 29, the North Koreans launched another missile into the Sea of Japan.



However, according to separate sources, the North Koreans have some challengers in the form of their enemies South Koreans – just on Monday, September 3, a live fire exercise was conducted for the protection of the South Korean people.



The U.S President Trump has had many stances on the Korea issue, most believing that North Korea dangerous to the U.S. Trump seems to believe that other countries should help keep North Korea in check, but yet Trump believes also that the U.S. should play a crucial role, according to the Washington Post.

Despite the fact that North Korea may not have bad intentions, their actions have incited fear in more than one country in the world, especially Russia, sources say. Countries like the U.S. will be watching intently for any signs of imminent danger.



Overall, many are skeptical of what the tiny Korean peninsula has in store, but hopefully, nothing too bad will happen. The Scribe will continue to look into the updates on the situation.

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Tensions Tighten between the US and North Korea