2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump upsets Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States


Donald Trump, an American businessman, becomes the 45th American President

Kimberli Boschee, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C.–On the night of November 8, 2016, Donald Trump pulled out a shocking victory over Hillary Clinton to become the forty-fifth President of the United States of America and end a divisive campaign for the Oval Office. 

Mr.Trump ended the his campaign with 306 electoral votes, while Mrs.Clinton ended her campaign with 232 electoral votes.

 According to an article by New York Times, Hillary Clinton had an 84% chance of winning the presidential election. Donald Trump is one of few people to run for president who was not already a politician. While Mrs. Clinton’s career was largely political, Mr. Trump has long been one of America’s most well-known entrepreneurs.

Mr.Trump spoke openly on Twitter about his opponent, opposition, and opinion about issues going on within the country and the world. Some people took this well, while others spoke out against Mr.Trump speaking so openly on Twitter.

Immigration was a big focus point of the 2016 election. On issues such as immigration 37% of Republican males agree with deporting undocumented immigrants, while only 12% of Democrats agree. The majority of  Democrats agree with the current path of citizenship that immigrants have to take, while less than half of Republicans agree with it.

Keeping the death penalty was one of the only things Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could agree on. Their televised debates often featured interruptions and arguments, as voters desired a greater focus on the issues and where the candidates stood on them. 

Many people did not take Mr.Trump’s victory well. Riots and protests broke out in the streets, and colleges even set up counseling sessions for students. Up until recently, the country kept protesting Donald Trump’s win, and even now he is watched very closely by the media, who have continued to delve into his history and possible connections with the Russian government. 

According to recent polls, more people disapprove of the President’s handling of the country than approve of it. A Politico/ Morning Consult poll puts his approval rating at 42%. Citing the same poll, Conservative outlet The Hill says the President’s recent handling of the James Comey, Michael Flynn and intelligence sharing scandals has dipped Trump’s rating to “a new low.”