Writing Club Publishes ‘Ink in the Roots’

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Writing Club Publishes Ink in the Roots

Katie Rous, Co-Editor-in-Chief

CLEVELAND–After several months of hard work and preparation, the members of CvHS’ Writing Club published Ink in the Roots, a collection of writings submitted from members and fellow students. The journal contains varying types of works ranging from poems, essays, prose, and even short stories, with the cover designed by artist and writer, Emily Mitchem.

“The journal was a project the club was working on for a long time, and we are all ecstatic that we’ve finally completed something that will permanently memorialize our teenage perspective,” said Sydney Riggs, President of Writing Club.

The journal was published on Lulu and is currently for sale for $10, and it can be ordered here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/cleveland-high-school-writing-club/ink-in-the-roots/paperback/product-23167938.html.

In Writing Club’s previous years, other journals had been published as well, including two volumes of the collection, Velociwriters. This year’s journal is different in that students outside the club submitted work as well. The journal even features introduction written by club sponsor and English teacher, Jeremy Shaner. Featured writers are Sydney Riggs, Olivia Riggs, Katie Rous, Joseph Breeze, Shannen Proctor, Wynter Coban, Alex Behrensen, Emily Mitchem, and Linnae Dolby. There are contributions from Cleveland alumni Taylor Keeping and Mary A. Simancas Gonzalez.

The 2016-2017 Writing Club’s legacy will forever remain by Ink in the Roots.