Roy Cooper Wins Hotly Contested Election

RALEIGH–2016 hosted not only a Presidential election, but a Governor’s election in NC.

The two main candidates in the Gubernatorial race were Roy Cooper (Democrat) and Pat McCrory (Republican). 4.6 million people casted their votes on election day, and before the votes were officially counted, Cooper declared victory. McCrory refused to concede, though.

After the election, 90,000 votes had not been counted yet, and McCrory refused to admit defeat. The Governor filed complaints, alleging voter fraud in more than 50 counties.

Both of the campaigns expected a lengthy legal battle over the results. McCrory requested a state recount once all ballots were counted. NC Election Law lets either candidate to request a recount if there are fewer than 10,000 votes separating the candidates.

In the end, Roy Cooper won the election and became North Carolina’s Governor.

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