Student of the Week: Alena Hargrove

Junior Alena Hargrove is a light to those around her

Scribe Co-Editor-in-Chief Katie Rous interviews CvHS Scribe Student of the Week Alena Hargrove

Sydney Riggs

Scribe Co-Editor-in-Chief Katie Rous interviews CvHS Scribe Student of the Week Alena Hargrove

Katie Rous, Co-Editor in Chief

Cleveland’s second student of the week, Alena Hargrove, positively influences those around her by spreading her love for people and following her passion to help others. Currently in 11th grade, Alena is deeply involved with her church, school, and the improvement her community altogether.

Alena is apart of the Knitting Club -the Yarn Barn- at Cleveland, which she helped to establish along with fellow students and Ms. Standley. The club knits hats for the homeless, and Alena delivers them with her church.

“We are usually the people that give them out. We do care bags, we do caroling, and a whole bunch of other stuff… We gave out bikes to the kids from hurricane Matthew,” said Alaina, “You gotta get somewhere.”

Along with knitting for the homeless, Alena helps her fellow students on a daily basis. At lunch, during third block, and even when she’s trying to sleep, Alena is constantly helping her classmates with their school work. She primarily tutors others in her favorite subject, Math, but she occasionally helps in other subjects as well. Alena’s friends join her in her efforts to help others.

“The people I surround myself with are people who can do things on their own, and just like me, I can do things on my own. You like a second opinion and a ‘Devil’s Advocate’,” said Alaina.

Not surprisingly, Alena’s favorite aspect about Cleveland in general is people.

“I love people. Even the bad ones,” said Alena.

In the future, Alena plans to incorporate her love for people into her love for creating garments. She plans to go into the field of textile engineering so she can help her family members.

“They can’t wear certain fabrics. They can’t use certain tissues, and they don’t like the alternative ones. I want to make their lives a little easier,” said Alena.

Alaena Hargrove inspires those in her community with her deep passion and love for helping others. She contributes positively to Cleveland everyday and constantly has a smile on her face. Her favorite color is yellow, fitting in resemblance to the light she brings to the hallways and her community.