N.C Says They Can Make A Better HB2

RALEIGH– The HB2 repeal was a step in the right direction for most people but still held some restrictions that can complicate the lives of people under the label of LGBT. 

HB 142, or the repeal of orginal House Bill 2, means the end of the contentious law in North Carolina, but the new law passed states that the government can still regulate use of restrooms until 2020 on government property, but most restrictions on restrooms are repealed. Some other restrictions are still in place, and NC Gov. Roy Cooper stated the new law is “not a perfect deal and is not my preferred solution.” Cooper said that the full removal of restrictions were delayed, but eventually, they would be removed.

The old HB2 completely restricted people from using bathrooms not of their birth gender on government owned property. The new law still holds that restriction, but it is left up to the Legislature to ultimately decide whether or not a transgender person can use a bathroom associated with his or her gender.

While this was a solution for some people, most LGBT supporters are still upset that all their rights are not secured. Tim Moore, a Republican supporter of HB 142 said, “Nobody is 100% happy, but I will say I’m 95% happy.”

The last point on the law is that cities cannot pass their own laws on the subject until the year 2020. One example of this going wrong was in Charlotte 2016, the city’s legislative body passed as law to allow transgender people to enter the bathroom they identified with to get around the General Assembly’s House Bill 2.

Everyone may not be happy with HB 142, but this is the compromise NC has for now.



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