FCA’s Huddle

One of Cleveland’s largest clubs hosts its first gathering during Power Lunch

Clevelands FCA is one of the schools largest clubs

Cleveland’s FCA is one of the school’s largest clubs

Elliot Partridge, Staff Writer

CLEVELAND- Cleveland’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), one of the school’s largest clubs, got together for fun and fellowship.

On March 28, The FCA hosted their very first huddle during lunch in Mrs. Slomiany’s room. During the huddle, they brought in chips and soda for everyone to have. They then played the game Mafia until “B” lunch. During “B” lunch, they had Laly Banuelos, one of the club’s leaders, give a message about stress and how to deal with it with God’s help. 

“It was a much larger turnout than what I expected. And it was great to see so many students come together in a public school setting to fellowship as Christians, especially where it seems it it’s looked down upon in our culture today,” said Banuelos.