Night of The Arts

Cleveland’s first Night of the Arts showcases arts programs and helps raise money to support them


Cleveland High School’s inaugural Night of the Arts generated awareness of arts programs at CvHS

Zoe Oliphant, Staff Writer

CLEVELAND– The first Night of The Arts at Cleveland was a total success. There were many varying performances that all outdid themselves.

The evening started out with rhythmic songs from the band. Then the chorus made their debut, and the night finished off with different shows put on by the theatre program. Art was displayed all throughout the auditorium lobby, catching anyone’s eye who walked through. Cleveland really displayed their talents.

The new chorus, created by Shelly Siegert, was only put together five weeks before Night of the Arts. For the school’s very first chorus, she did a wonderful job all the way around. Visitors could tell how much Night of the Arts meant to each of the people participating in it, such as sophomore student Jackie Leblanc.

“I knew that the Night of the Arts showcase at Cleveland Middle really helped their arts programs funding, and since Cleveland High has a newly made chorus that has no funding, I thought it would really help us out. I was also really excited to show everyone that our chorus program doesn’t suck, especially for only being 5 weeks old,” said LeBlanc.

Alyssa Korb, another participant in this program, was asked if she thinks Cleveland would put together another program such as this one again, and whether or not the audience enjoyed it enough to come to another one.

“Well, I think people would like to have another because it shows of the talent that the arts students have. Like, you get to see what we work on first hand, plus you’re supporting underfunded groups so that they can do better in the future,” said Korb.

All of the participants did a wonderful job on their acts, and they are likely to have other opportunities in the future.