Microwave Surveillance

The next CIA operative is closer than you think

A microwave that could be hacked by the CIA and listening to your every  word.

A microwave that could be hacked by the CIA and listening to your every word.

Cody Messer, Web Design

You could be being watched by everything, even your microwave.

The question of surveillance via microwaves and other household appliances was brought to light by President Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, when she said, “There are many ways to surveil each other… You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets” then she added that he could have been spied on through “microwaves that turn into cameras.” Conway’s comments were in response to recent allegations by President Trump, who claims that former President Barack Obama spied on him and wire tapped his phones during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

The website known as Wikileaks recently released a list from the CIA that included all the ways that they could possibly spy on the American public. The list contained household items such as smartphones, computers and internet-connected televisions.  This leads many people to believe that other appliances could be tapped as well, including refrigerators or microwaves. Although it is unlikely that these have been hacked by the CIA and are listening to a citizen’s every word, it does make people think, what can the CIA tap to listen or see people, and how long can Americans trust their favorite coffee machines and toasters?

Although Kellyanne Conway later went back on her statement of spying microwaves, it was still a very ridiculous endeavor even for the people of Capitol Hill. The one good thing from all of this business is the comedy that it created with all the talk of tinfoil hats and conspiracy theories.