Lana Del Rey: Vintage or Old?

Lana Del Rey released a new song entitled “Love” on February 18, 2017. All of her fans were excited to hear Lana’s new song. Before the release of her latest song, she was featured in songs with The Weeknd. His music has a very hip hop vibe, which is different from Lana’s style. People thought her new song would be different, and some fans were excited for change. One listen to the song, and it sounds like the same old Lana.

Lana’s songs mostly focus around love and how she longs for it. Her style of music is very slow and soft, but they are delivered with a grungy voice. Some would say she is a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. That is what makes her music so vintage, but after so many songs being the same, it just gets old.

Lana is a very talented artist, and fans like her how she is. Others want a full song of hip hop like the songs she is featured in. The song itself is very good and very well written, but some change in style is desired. Her voice sounds excellent in her style and in hip hop. She should showcase her talent in as many different ways as she can.

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