Conservatives Outrage Over Tennessee School District’s Mandatory “LGBTQ Pledge of Allegiance”

Parents of public school students in Corryton, Tennessee were shocked on Open House day when, during the pledge of allegiance, their precious children recited an entirely DIFFERENT version of the one they grew up with:

I pledge allegiance to the Pride Flag of the United Gays of America, and to the pronouns for which it slays, one Nation under Drag, indivisible, with freedom and queerness for all.

You’re looking at the Pride Pledge of Allegience, put in place by a principal of an elementary school in the district. Some parents were NOT happy.

“I jus’ walked out,” 57 year old Archie Fleming, who felt he had been demasculinized, told one of our reporters. “I left my son at the school. They’re turnin’ him into a sissy. I told him to spend the night at his grandpoppy’s house so I could cradle my AR to sleep to feel like a man again.”

Patsy Campbell, a grandmother to a 1st grader at the school, allegedly started pulling out coins from her jean pocket and throwing them at the rainbow fabric. “I thought maybe the impact of our founding fathers would scare the flag n’ make it turn back American.”

Campbell’s daughter later reached out to us to apologize, claiming she suffers from an early form of dementia.

We even visited the home of a 5th grade student, Sophie Walker, to get the opinion of her parents. Upon walking in, we noticed a deer head hung above the living room fireplace. Immediately we were overwhelmed with hospitality. We also found out that, as it turns out, Sophie’s family did NOT like the ritual.

“It is sick. They are indoctrinating our children,” mother Elizabeth Walker told us. Her father, refusing to give his name, simply sat in a wooden chair with an assault rifle in hand, saying nothing.

Sophie also made an appearance, sporting black and white knee-length socks, arm fishnets, and four beaded bracelets from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. A GoFundMe to rescue Sophie is linked here:е5vez9c

(Image sourced from Thinkstock and altered)