7 Year Old Cancer Patient Denied Make-A-Wish Due to Titan Search Funds


Getty Images

A young girl with cancer is indoors in a hospital. She is holding her IV and staring at the camera.

The U.S. government has reportedly spent somewhere around $1.2 million on the search for the Titan submersible- and that’s not even considering the cost of searching for debris. You’re not going to discover anything, guys. You know who also won’t discover something? Namely, what the rest of her life would’ve been like? Anna Clark, a 7 year-old cancer patient from Illinois.

Poor little Anna, who was granted a Make-A-Wish due to her never-prevailing fight against cancer, will not receive her one request: for her family’s relief of her medical bills. The Clark family, who have never been financially stable anyway, have spent over $36,790 on their daughter’s treatment ever since the heart-shattering day they found out about the tumor.

The family was told by a Make-A-Wish employee that, because so much money was spent on the search for the 5 risky little boys on the Titan, the first grader could not possibly be granted her wish. “America just doesn’t care about you,” she was told matter-of-factly after she awoke from her $9,300 surgery.

Anna was told that in compensation for her initial request, she would have to choose a much smaller gift. The employee then pulled out 3 cardboard boxes and opened them for Anna to see inside. Respectively, they contained 6 rubber ducks, a plastic trombone and a gem-studded pinecone. Anna immediately forgot her status of “family financial burden” when she held the pinecone in her sickly hands.