Review of “The Glory” Series

Review of The Glory Series

Aaliyah Johnson

On December 30, 2022, one of the new great series was released, but recently on March 10, part two came out. You can find the series streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The main characters in this series were Moon Dong-eun, Park Yeon-jin, Ha Do-Yeong and Joo Yeo-jeong. However, the secondary characters played a huge role as well. The secondary characters consisted of Jeon Jae-joon, Choi Hye-Jeong, Lee So-e, Son Myeong, Lee Sa-ra, Ha Ye-sol and Kang Hyeon-nam.

The story follows a woman by the name of Moon Dong-eun, who becomes a homeroom teacher as a part of her revenge scheme to get back at a group of people who bullied her through high school. Throughout the series, there are multiple themes that are shown, but one of the main themes is bullying. The show also shows us the ugly truth about the poor and rich, but at the same time, it shows the audience that justice will always be served, whether it’s good or bad.

If you are interested in seeing the real truth of how the rich, that think they’re superior, reacts to the ones lower than them. Also, if you are really into mystery, suspense, and plot twists this is the show for you. Not to mention, there are scenes that are very graphic and mature, so I would advise kids not to watch, but the show never left you bored. It always makes you wonder what will happen next.

I found this show to be a very emotional rollercoaster. You never knew what was coming next and the show really caused you to connect with the characters emotionally. There were times when I stayed up till one in the morning because I couldn’t get enough. Nonetheless, this has been one of the best series I have watched in a long time.

I would recommend this show to anyone that is interested in exploring shows or movies that are from foreign countries, states, etc. I would recommend this because I had my mother sit and watch it with me, and she isn’t the one who likes to watch new things. However, this show had her hooked. It wasn’t too romantic, and it just had the right amount of action and suspense. Made you wonder: Who next? Is he or she good? Wait what? And so much more. If you want to begin a new journey in binge-watching I highly recommend starting with this show.