New ‘23 CvHS Exam Schedule

Mia Roldan

The CvHS exam schedule got a makeover. 

This year’s exam schedule looks a little different. In previous years, students attended 1 exam per day and could leave early with a parent-signed note. This year, students take math and English EOCs on Friday the 2 and finish all other exams the following Monday and Tuesday. The catch: Students will take up to 2 exams on those days. Wednesday and Thursday will be makeup exam days. Those students who completed EOC testing on Friday do not need to return to their EOC test blocks on Monday and Tuesday. 

Students are also not allowed to leave campus after their exams, not even with a signed parent note. Students with Early Release passes are permitted to leave campus after their exam if they do not have an exam for the block following. 

Seniors may be eligible for an exemption from exams according to JCPS Policy 3400, “Seniors will be exempt from exams if they have been absent no more than two times from the course and have an academic average of an A or B. The academic average will be calculated as a simple average of the two nine-weeks grades and this will constitute the final average in the course. Senior exam exemptions *will NOT apply* to high school courses with required state End of Course (EOC) exams or Career and Technical Education state exams.”