The Super Mario Bros. Movie: The Nostalgic Movie of The Year

The Super Mario Bros. Movie: The Nostalgic Movie of The Year

Aaliyah Johnson

(No spoilers!)

After waiting a couple of years for the Super Mario Bros movie (directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic) to be released on April 5, 2023, excitement only escalated worldwide. The main characters in this movie are Mario who is played by Chris Pratt, Luigi played by Charlie Day, Browser played by Jack Black, Princess Peach played by Anya Taylor-Joy and Toad played by Keegab-Michael Key. However, the side characters such as Donkey Kong, Kamek and so many more made the movie as magnificent as it was.

The brothers from Brooklyn, Mario and Luigi, lived as plumbers in New York. However, they get separated which leads them to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom alone, leading Mario, a princess named Peach and a mushroom named Toad to try and find Luigi along with save the world from a ruthless koopa named Browser.

There are many themes this movie shows throughout the film but the really big ones shown were “Don’t give up on yourself because things are not working out the way you thought it would,” and “Try and try again.” The movie also has a strong moral message about brotherhood, sacrifice and working together to overcome evil.

Anybody that grew up playing the game would love this movie because it brings back a sense of nostalgia. It warms your heart after seeing these characters, who went from being on a gaming screen to a movie theatre screen. I would also recommend this movie to little kids because the animations are good and bright. The whole movie keeps you in a trance due to all of the things that are occurring.  This is important because it causes you to never want to look away. It also has humor throughout it which makes for a good laugh. The producers also did a  good job of not making scenes too childish and kiddie-ish.

I found this movie very nostalgic and it brought happiness to my childhood self. Even for someone who may not know the Super Mario brothers and their background, the producers and directors still made it to where it would be enjoyable nonetheless. It was nice to see how they portrayed the video game, the show, and even the Mario Kart game with little cameos such as the karts and different locations that are beloved by the audience a lot. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone because you can never go wrong with a childhood remembrance movie. After watching a movie that brings back so much warmth and memories, it makes you want to watch it over and over again- and maybe to see more of your childhood media turn into real movies/shows.