Attack on Titan Part 4 Release


Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 4 Release

Kiera Lebeau

Attack on Titan is an anime that first debuted in 2013. The seasons have gone along slowly but surely over the years, as animation and voice acting takes time. The next season is the fourth and final season of the show and has been broken down into 3 parts so far, being released at separate times, and the 4th and final part of the season (and series) is being released this fall. 

Season 4 has taken a whole of 3 years to finish and release, with the first part released in December of 2020, the second in January 2022, (most recently) the third part in March of 2023, and the upcoming fourth part in fall of 2023. 

Attack on Titan, often abbreviated as AOT, is a widely popular anime with a 9/10 rating on IMDb. Attack on Titan is a show about man-eating titans in which humans would keep safe using large tall walls to keep the titans away and remain safe- but something went wrong, and the results course throughout the whole show. The main character is known as Eren Yaeger, who fell victim to a titan attack and had to watch the death of his mother before his eyes. He joined the military in order to avenge his mother, but this eventually only created more problems for him and the world. The plot behind this show is complex and the thought put into it is shown widely while watching each episode and learning more and more. 

Attack on Titan has won the Global TV Demand award for the most demanded TV series globally. It has also won awards for the Best Drama, and Best Action Anime titles. Since season four has gone on for so long, many fans are eager to get the fourth and final part of this long-running series.